5 Must-See Lighthouses in New England

Out of all of the lighthouses and in the entire United States, of the ones that are on the East Coast, over a hundred and fifty of them sit on the beautiful and expensive but still mighty, Northeast. Let’s take a scenic tour, everyone!

1. Portland Headlight, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine
On the beautiful shores of Cape Elizabeth in Maine, you can find the poor in the Portland head light which is one of the most famous lighthouses in the entire United States. It was built in 1787 for precisely $750 and was lit with a meager 16 lamps. You can tour the lighthouse, which is now a museum, and with all of its cool artifact in all sorts of old-timey photographs, it is undoubtedly one of the coolest places you can go.

2. The Scituate Lighthouse, Massachusetts
Whether you choose to believe this myth-turned-true, this tiny lighthouse in Scituate Massachusetts was initially a house for a family of 11! This family, which included nine children, was all kept inside of a one-and-a-half story house! Can you believe it? Here is a fun fact for you; during the War of 1812, the two sisters that lived there at the time, fooled an entire ship’s worth of British Redcoat soldiers.

They did this by hiding in the forest with a drum and a fife, and sat there, playing military songs loudly and brashly enough (and I guess convincingly sufficient) that they were mistaken to be an entire regiment of soldiers! Either way, it is in a scenic location and is an enjoyable place to visit.

3. The Nauset Lighthouse, Eastham, Massachusetts

If you are a big fan of Cape Cod Kettle baked potato chips, you will likely recognize this famous lighthouse. This is the Nauset Lighthouse. It was erected in the year 1887, but it’s location, on a cliff, presented a unique problem for the locals in the 1990s. Decades and decades of erosion had left the poor Nauset Lighthouse entirely precarious and was leaning over 50 feet from the edge of the cliff that it was standing on. It was moved back over 350+ feet, and will most likely have to be moved again in another couple of years.

4. The Famous Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s only mainland lighthouse, the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, was erected in the year 1771. It is on the grounds of the Royal Fort Constitution, which is a revolutionary war fortification. It was the 10th of 11 different lighthouses to have ever been built before the Revolutionary War. Supposedly, this particular lighthouse has a history of being paranormal! Do not get too close! It has even been seen to be investigated on different Paranormal Activity TV shows, such as all-time favorite investigatory TV shows like Ghost Hunters and the famous Scared! Show.

There are a lot of different lighthouses that you can stop in today; this is one thing that New England is a very famous for. No matter what lighthouse you decide to see, I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. The rich history and background of these lighthouses are not to be messed with!