3 Classic Lighthouses on the Cape 

Cape and lighthouses go together like a carriage and a horse. These lighthouses 
once functioned to save lives but now they mostly attractions. As of today, 
there are about 16 lighthouses on Cape. Some are privately owned and can be 
viewed only from a distance while others are free to visit by the general public. Let’s look at 3 of the most classic lighthouses on the Cape.

views of the Chatham spit and even public telescopes all make this a Cape 
lighthouse you cannot afford to miss. Parking near the lighthouse may be 
limited and impossible to find. You can park in town then walk, bike or take 
the trolley to the lighthouse. You can enjoy the view of the fishing boats as 
they move from the Chatham Pier to open ocean or simply craft cruising the 
harbor. What makes this one of the 
classical lighthouses is that it is graced with seals that play at times on the 
beach and kayaking activities. This 
lighthouse has one of the best beaches for isolation and long walks.

views of the vineyard, ease of access and serene surroundings all ensure that 
this will be one of the Cape experiences you won’t forget. How can you get to 
Nobska Lighthouse? Follow Route 28 Falmouth, take Woods Hole Road which will 
lead you to Church Street, then Nobska Point Lighthouse. You can also rent 
bikes from Falmouth and then take the bike trail to the lighthouse, and you 
won’t be disappointed. When you get up to the historic lighthouse, be sure to get some good pictures!

lighthouse is one of the most classical Cape lighthouses with its red and white 
color scheme and a picturesque caretakers cottage. Its proximity to the Cape 
beaches and National Seashore make it an easy outing for families. You can find easy parking, tours, and a beach 
that will be worth spending your day. Be sure to check out the website for tour 
hours as they may not be open for long periods of time and the line may get 
long. What makes this lighthouse even better is that it is they provide 
wonderful guides who are knowledgeable and patiently willing to explain everything 
in every step of the way as you climb to the top and enjoy 
beautiful panoramic views. Go on and enjoy this lighthouse on a clear and sunny day!

you have it, three classic lighthouses on the Cape. While on your visit to the Cape, 
be sure to stop by and experience breathtaking views learn some fascinating history!